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Basic description

Nose is consider to be one of the most important part in the face which it shape is have more effect than the other parts in the look and beauty. Furthermore, importance of nose came in breath mechanism and passing and controlling the air before it reach the lungs. In Rhinoplasty, we deal with unique shape specifications of clients more than any other kind of surgeries. So the result may differ from one clients to another. I try to save the good and specific shape of your nose (which made it special) and only remove the defects as much it possible. It’s not make sense to draw you a dreamland nose. I will work on any nose, proportional of its specification. Repair and adjustment of irregular shape of your nose to reach more consonantal nose with your face is my goal in Rhinoplasty surgery.

Method and term:

Rhinoplasty is often be operating with general Anesthesia and the specialist will control you in all level of surgery. Then your surgery will done with a small cut. In a traditional method they often took a large amount of cartilage or using damaging shaping method which damage cartilage Sagittarius. In more than 95% of elementary nose surgery, I can shaping your nose top without using damaging shaping method which largely save your top nose support and have better long-term result.

Pre-surgical proceedings

My assistants will complete all of your surgery Planning and Scheduling and will Coordinating with you. You shouldn’t use aspirin or any used aspirin drugs from two week before surgery because it will prevent blood clotting.

You must consulting with your doctor before you cut off your drugs and whoever will take care of you in the first night after surgery. Don’t eat or drink (even water) anything 8 hours before surgery because it’s necessary for Anesthesia operation.

Let us be noticed if you use any drug before the surgery and come with Wear loose and comfortable clothes and clear any makeups before the surgery.

Post-surgical care:

We will give you a prescription to use as it should.in the First day after surgery, your diet must contain only liquid and if you felt nausea and vomiting then you can go back to your regular diet from second day.

-after the surgery you will feel sleepy. It’s normal so get rest if you went to home. You will feel that way in the second day but you should go out and doing your job and normal activity.

-maybe the sleepy and tire feelings continue to third day so don’t worry and try to walk. I firmed all of cut area in your nose so the regular activity can’t effect any of them.

– Nausea is normal after the surgery and if you moving and walking fast then it will be gone after 8 or in maximum 24 hours. So in this period just try to get rest and don’t eat heavy meal and just drink transparent liquid.

-call the clinic after 24 and let us know about your state and conditions and planning for next visit.

-You will receive a Prescription of painkillers. Use it in the first 24 hours and if you felt Dryness and irritation and discomfort when you moving in the morning after surgery then use it.

-if there was any tampon and mesh inside your nose it will be removed from 1 to 3 days after surgery and it won’t be painful.

-in the morning after the surgery you will see more Bruising. It will be gone. Nose Swollen disappear period is different from one person to another and will be ok after one week from removing band aids and will be better after 2 or 3 weeks but a special part like Tip of the nose will take a long time. It will take 6 months to one year to get a final shape.

-using Cold compresses and ice packs can reduce Bruising and swelling. Use Cold compresses frequently every half hours for 15 minutes and if there’s bruising around eyes from third day to 7 then use warm compress.

– Infection is very infrequent after a plastic surgery and its Does not appear for several days after surgery So if you notice significant redness and irritation and fever, then call the clinic. Of course many patient experience a little fever after the surgery but if it was hard then it will be need to be pursued.

-use any anti biotic or drugs according to the prescription.

-just drink liquid food in the first day and then go to light meals. Generally drink a lot of liquids. Fresh pineapple absorb bruising and swelling. Fruits, fish and shrimp and omega 3 is recommended and avoid Salt and spicy foods, coffee and cocoa for a while.

-it’s normal to see inflation in the nose in first day. Sleep on two pillows for a while to decrease this inflation and try to sleep on your back in the first month.

-try to keep the band that I putted on your nose dry and we will clear it after 7 days.

-its normal to have a little runny blood nose for 48 to 72 hours and sometimes more and often it will be reduce a lot after 48 hours. Beware that because of Swelling and nasal congestion you will feel suffocating but Airways will gradually improve.

-keep your nose holes clean of any purulent and clean it with cotton swab dipped in serum. You must do that several times in first 2 or 3 days and less after that. Enter just the cotton area of cotton swap in your nose and no more.

-don’t blow air hardly from your nose in first two weeks cause it will increase the risk of bleeding and don’t lift heavy things cause its doing that as well.

-use a soft toothbrush and Sneeze with an open mouth and wear knobbed clothes to avoid hurting your nose when you changing your clothes.

-you can take a shower after 3 days and washing your head and body but beware that Plaster and splints of your nose don’t get wet. In the seventh day when you want to visit a clinic take a full shower and let them to get wet so it will be easier to clear them.

-don’t wear a glasses for 2 months and use Eye Lens instead of and if you have to wear, then after two week you have to paste the glass to your Forehead to avoid it from touching and pressuring your nose . After removing the plaster then your nose will be labeled with band aid and you have to change it every two days. Clean your nose with water and baby shampoo before the change. This operation must continue for at least 8 weeks.

-beware that the swelling may differ in each side although the whole face was under a same surgery so don’t worry about that in the first month.

-your nose tip will be numb in the first several weeks, its normal and will take about a year to go back normal.

– calm down if your nose start bleeding(it’s necessary to avoid increasing of the blood pressure) then sleep and keep your head higher than your body then use humid Washcloth to put in your nose. Keep it there for 15 to 20 minutes, the bleeding will stop if you stay calm. If not then call my clinic.

-as it mentioned before, its take 6 months to a year from your nose to get a final shape so don’t be obsessed and don’t watch yourself in the mirror continuously and don’t let anyone to be judgmental about your nose. It’s like any other plastic surgery and may need some of corrective operations.

-don’t doing any aerobic sports which can increase your heart bit above 90 because it may cause bleeding. Then gradually start exercising and avoid Sports collision for 6 to 8 weeks. In this period any collision to your nose may damage the bone designed area in your nose. Avoid swimming and diving for 4 months.

-because we changed the shape of your nose then the method of air flowing in your nose is changed as well and it will take a while to go back because of swelling so don’t be worry about your new breathing method because you will get used to it in several weeks.

-after the band removal you will feel strange when touching your nose and your skin will partly numbed and you may feel Small lumps and bumps on your nose.

This feeling will be gone after the bone structure get conglutination. You may feel some not visible changes of your nose but beware that the outside change is your goal not touching of some area of the nose.

We spend a significant period of time and done our best to make you experience effectiveness and positive.

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