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Basic description

There’s a different choices for rejuvenation the face which the lifting is ideal among of them for the faces with more flabbiness. In lifting, the face and cheek and above of the neck skin is lifted upper and behind. It’s important to mention that the cutting will designed carefully so they seldom will be noted or won’t be at all. The surgery basically affect the upper and lateral of the neck So if the patient want to remove the flabbiness of the neck skin then the best choice will be the lifting of the neck which often need a small cut below the chin.

Method and duration of face lifting

Its start with a cutting in the hair growing line and front of the ear and continue to up and behind. Then the skin and fat tissue and depending on patient issue will stretch up and behind.

Method and duration of forehead and eyelids lifting

It’s operating for rejuvenation and raising eyebrows and rejuvenating them. Persons with flabbiness in their eyebrows and deep horizontal line in their forehead are candidate for this surgery.

Pre-surgical proceedings

These lifting surgeries are operating in the hospital and under a common anesthesia. It’s important to mention that the lifting surgery should not be done on smoking persons because of

Inadequate blood supply to face skin that can cause a high Complications. The duration of the surgery is 3 hours and the patients will be only one day in hospitalization.

Post-surgical care

-don’t smoke

-notice your doctor about bleeding increase drugs

-chemical activities for a makeup purposes are forbidden for one month after the surgery so if you have any kind of this activities, do them before the surgeries.

-you have to enter the surgery room without any makeup

-don’t use profen or piroxicam or mefenamic acid or aspirin drugs from two weeks before to one week after the surgery.

-reduce your activities in the first days and get rest

-keep your head upper than your body when sleeping

-reduce the probable bleeding and swelling by using a cold compress on the area.

-you can use a cold compress frequently in 72 hours

-stretched feeling in the face skin for a several weeks is normal

– Numbness in the ears for a while is probable and normal

-use your prescription carefully

-don’t smoke

– Avoid direct exposure to the sun and use Sunscreens properly

-don’t makeup for 10 days after the surgery

-you can shower after 4 days and wash your hair but before that wet the cutting area with anti-biotic Ointment and then start showering.

-beware of that you can’t use shampoo for wash your head for one week.

– it will take a while to appearance of the result on your face. Most of the patient experience the swelling and bruising period so be patient and don’t let the recovering period desperate you.

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