Filler and Jelly


Basic description

Fillers are made from different materials like collagen and hyaluronic acid and calcium Hydroxyapatite which be used to rejuvenating the face skin and remove wrinkle and lips enlargements and prosthesis or Highlight cheeks and replace any missing soft tissue resulting by trauma. filler injection is a low risk method to reach a beauty result. Hyaluronic acid is a most ideal kind of gel because it’s made naturally in the body. With aging, Nasolabial winkle or smiling lines get deeper and beautiful line of the face vanished and lips become thinner and the face beginning to lose its young and fresh look. Hyaluronic acid fillers are injected under these wrinkles to replace the missing tissues and make it better looked. Also injection to lips can made them better shape and look .

Method and duration:

The injection is Outpatient operation and can be done in the clinic. Before the injection any Lipstick must be removed from lips. Then the lips will be Disinfect. Local anesthesia injection will be used so you won’t feel any pain.

Pre-surgical proceedings:

Let us know if you have a history of Herpes so we prescribe the drugs and take the necessary procedures.

It’s better to come without makeup to the clinic.

Post-surgical care:

You probably will see the result right after the treatment. Swelling or bruising around the injected area is normal so use an ice pack or water compress. The Swelling period is depend on your body situations. Although the Swelling or bruising will be disappeared after one week to 10 days. Don’t massage your lips in the first days.

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