Laser and Facial Rejuvenation


Basic Description:

Lifting is remove layers from skin to reduce Facial wrinkles and tighten and firm the skin. Also it help to Improving remove scars and wounds from surgery. Co۲ fractional laser is one of the best methods to reach this goal. If you don’t have problem with stay and rest in home for several days then you will see a fantastic result from this method. Surely can say that this is the best way to Facial Rejuvenation and reduce Facial wrinkles.

Description and duration of surgery:

It is an outpatient treatment and take approximately 1 hour and for your convenience we use an anesthetic creams.

Pre-surgical proceedings

Coming to the clinic without makeup will accelerate your healing. During the first reserve meeting make sure to reserve for after surgery visit so you won’t be concerned about the after surgery operations. Patients who use roaccutane drug on their face are banned from having laser treatment for one year from cut it off.

Post-surgical care:

After the surgery most of patients will feel like sunburn for 12 hours to 2 days so please follow your doctor’s instructions and prescription carefully. Maybe in the first 2 hours you will need painkillers so it will prescribe for you. It’s better to not be alone in the day of surgery so you will be more comfortable when you going home. Consider that you will be see the best result after 2 or 3 times of laser operations in every month so you have to be patient and Collaborative with the medical staff.

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