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Basic description

Botox is a kind of poison which Paralyze muscles but in right uses can be very useful and cure more than 50 diseases. It’s important to mention that its most common used beauty method in the world. It’s started to use in the middle of 80s and helped a lot with removing face wrinkles.

Botox Prevent the release of acetylcholine from the end of nerve, which preventing it from send a Contraction message to the target muscle so it’s Paralyze it temporarily and the muscle won’t be contracted again and became weak. Botox effect remain from 2 to 6 months and the muscle will be back with the Secretion of acetylcholine. All the face actions controlled by the under skin muscles and of course the Contraction of them make lines on the face. Botox with temporarily deactivating these muscles and prevent face wrinkles. The best areas for Botox injection are the forehead and frown lines. It’s suitable for eyebrows too.

Method and duration:

Botox injection will operate Outpatient and in the clinic with Very thin needles. Anesthetic creams will be used in the injection places so don’t be worry about the pain and it will take only several minutes.

Pre-surgical proceedings:

Botox injection don’t need a special proceedings and operate with using Anesthetic creams and ice compress on the injection place to kill the pain and the place have to prepared with a dipped in alcohol cotton.

Post-surgical care:

For a best Botox absorption by the muscle and prevent spreading it among an anatomic area the following instructions are recommended:

-don’t be in a face down mode for 4 hours

-First night after the injection sleep with higher level of your head than your body mode.

-don’t Prostrating in the first hours

-don’t massage the injected area

-use an ice pack in the first hours

-contract the injected muscle

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