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Basic description:

A surgery to improve the upper and lower eyelids. The goal is to improve dropping and heaviness and wrinkle in the eyelids to have young and fresh looking. Blepharoplasty can be operate singly or with other surgeries.

Method and duration:

The upper eyelids surgery can be operate outpatient and with local anesthesia or in a hospital and surgery room. The cut will be hide in a natural wrinkle. The duration of each eyelid is 20 minutes and both in 45 minutes and the patient after 24 hours of resting can go back to his normal activity.

In our clinic the Blepharoplasty is operate by laser or laser knife which have the best result and we proud of having up to date technology for Blepharoplasty.

Pre-surgical proceedings:

Don’t use painkillers like ibuprofen or aspirin for 2 weeks before surgery and cut them after Consultation with your doctor if you use them with prescription. Don’t smoke for several weeks before the surgery. Alcohol drinking can increase the post-surgery bruise. Avoid direct exposure to the sun from a week before and several weeks after the surgery.

Post-surgical care:

-resting in home and using ice pack and compress on the eyes is recommended

-please follow the prescription carefully

– The sutures will be off Echymosis may remain for 2 weeks one week after the surgery .

-avoid heavy activity for 1 month

-be patient to get an ideal result.

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